Thursday, August 23, 2012

life in august 2012

Hi I have really lost touch in this whole blogging, but I am always so busy... I rarely post much on facebook lately. Well life is great, kids are amazing and so is work. My mom wrote me and said that in about 8 months she will be out, at least thats what her case worker said! I am so thrilled to have her home and be able to get to see the kids every day. The kids, Adalyn is my "little independent diva" and Christian my "smiling biting energy boy"! Man it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with them, but they are keeping me in shape! We always go to a park, zoo, or something on the weekends or after I get off. They both love school and their teachers! Adalyn is 2 1/2 years old it really is hard to believe in less than 6 months she will be 3, next year I plan to put her in gymnastics and dance!!! Christian is 13 months old, what a fun age, his favorite thing to do is throw all the dvds in the floor and sit on them and toss them up! I recently have started to workout and man am I sore, it has been 3 years since I have done any hardcore exercising, I want to go run but I cant but running around a playground seems the same just shorter! Have been eating foods out of our norm and the kids love it and eat it all! I am just so happy to have two great children and nothing to worry about. Well have a blessed day. And this Sunday we will start back up at church and I am so thrilled!!!!

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